Sunday, August 2, 2009


I name this dress “Black Wave” after I saw the pics. I took them out side, facing the bay, and with the wind, the flounces could not stay still. The skirt was dancing with the wind, having a grand o’ time. I thought on waiting till the wind came down, but I wanted the morning light, so there was not other chose, other than wait till another day.

I made the skirt of the dress in Satin Silk soft organza, the body of the skirt was underline with silk organza for support and to carry all the markings needed for the skirt.

Lace, black and brown silk organza were use for the bodice, nude china silk to underline.

Velvet ribbon was used for the waist band and straps.

On the next pics I’m showing some of the process of making the dress,
After I did the skirt, it was a matter of finding out, what look I wanted for the bodice. I try doing something a bit different and not so predictable. There were some printed fabrics on my stash, so I went to play with them and see what it would come out of it.

As you see on this pic I liked the stripe fabric with the lace over it, the problem was the fabric is a poly. Although it was a good look, modern and fun, I just was not comfortable mixing fibers on this dress.

Back to square one! The dress will be as I originally though of it, bodice over a nude look.

Most often I use three layers of fabrics to create a nude color when I’m using lace.
Depending on the intensity of the lining color, I’d use a brown organza and, like in this case a black over the brown.

As you see on the pics, just the brown organza over the nude lining did not give me enough dept, the black organza over the brown did.

hand sewing the lace over the bodice.

Traditional hem with lace ribbon

I use paper bags for ironing over seams, using this technique you prevent seam imprints on the fabric. [I use a lot of kitchen tools with my ironing, will post about it some time soon]

Here you’d see how I closed the back of the skirt. The pattern has a flounce that overlaps the center back seam. Using baby snaps on the flounce and the waist seam to close the back. The bow also has a snap to hold it in place.

With the center back closed you can’t see the center back seam,


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