Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I’m back on the game, this time I’m doing things different. Looking at my stash, and making some patterns I stared working on a small collection that I will list on my ETSY store. Paco commented later last week, ETSY is a great site for selling hand made creations.

I had known about ETSY for quite some time, a good friend from my F.I.T. days [she has a jewelry store on the site] had introduce me to it, but never had the time to list my designs. Busy doing custom made, I never had finish a collection to list on the site.

The last experience was a reminder to follow with plans I had on the back burner for a while. ETSY was one of those plans.
I have some pieces that were stared but the whole group never got completed. As you could imagine, after the inspiration is gone, you never get it back, so I’m working on implementing new ideas with what I already had made.

Also, through friends here in Miami, I got some contacts from one local TV channel, I need to create some [very] “Miami” designs to send to them. Will this work out? I don’t know, we will see, [but it surely brings some new energy and challenges]. In order for something of this nature to work out you have to really “pimp” yourself, which it is not easy when you are doing everything.

Keeping that in mind, I’m getting seamstress’s contacts numbers from a local industrial sewing machine dealer. As Mary Beth had mention, I need to get some good seamstresses, this way I will have time to “sale myself”.
So with new energy, and cleared mind, I went to my ETSY shop, duster it up, took out the “spider webs” and posted some of my old Wedding dresses samples.
I still need to get acquaintance with the site, but boy, you really need to be careful when you do anything on the net. Do you believe, just few hours after posting the dresses, I got what Etsy calls a “convo” [CONVERSATION] I read the “convo” and read it again… hu hu! It look like a scam, like they say, if it looks like a scam, talk like… I’m can not said it was, but I try to “convo” and the account was closed, hum!! This person wanted to buy out of the site, she gave her email address and wanted me to send PERSAL INFO so she could send a check. She would have her SHIPPING COMP get the dress. It did not sound “legit’’ to me. So WARNING! Be ware of the scams they are every where.

Looking at the site I came across Leanne’s store, I had seeing the store many times but never notice it was her's. It is nice seeing one of PROJECT RUNWAY'S winner on the site.

I would like to acknowledge the comments made. The worlds and sentiment posted were of great help to me and I hope to others who might read that post some time in the future.

With gratitude, thanks;

Gorgeous Things
Mary Beth
The Sewing Loft


Bunny said...

Congratulations on your new direction. I am sure you will do very well in this venue. Talent cannot be held down!

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh, these designs are just yummy! So sexy and exciting. I know you'll do well, you've got the POP!
Mary Beth

Christina said...

Life is an adventure, and there are scammers everywhere, aren't there?! Good luck with this new direction :)

Ann Made Studio said...

It is so nice to see that you have new energy and direction. You sound very excited about these new ventures and I am sure you will do well.

Summerset said...

Good for you!!! You sound happy about your new adventures. I will have say that I love that black/bright print dress! Great style and the fabric is marvelous. Good luck in all that you do.

BCN - UNIQUE designer patterns said...

Cruz.- es una buena iniciativa, seguro. Como decimos aquí: "para muestra sirve un botón...".. Creo que es bueno salir al mundo, darse a conocer. Tus vestidos de novia son maravillosos, buenos precios, y de una calidad superior a la de cualquier vestido a la venta. Y, lo mejor de todo es que están cosidos por manos expertas y con todo el cariño y la paciencia que exige la "couture". Muy bonitos también los trajes que muestras en este post. Me gustan todos, y quiero hacerte una pregunta al respecto del vestido con cuerpo negro y falda estampada. Esta falda, es el tipo de patrón en el que una misma pieza se repite varias veces hasta formar el completo de la falda?...

Gracias anticipadas. Un abrazo y hasta pronto....ahhh. y la mejor de las suertes para tu nuevo proyecto.


Audrey said...

Go for it! I love your work, the fabrics you choose combined with garment styles, and your workmanship, gorgeous! I agree, ETSY is a great place to sell your designs. Marketing and self promotion does seem to have a big impact on success in some fields. Be proud of your designs and let your passion and enthusiasm show.

Tany said...

Breathtaking! Your work is perfection!

Sewing With SAS said...

I love your designs. They are really lovely and would sell easily. You will do well!

I am glad I found your blog.


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