Tuesday, June 23, 2009


This dress is part of the collection I called “The Jungle”. It is made out of Poly crepe with bias charmeuse piping. The piping was cut from a leopard print that would be use in other piece on the collection. This is the same print, but on poly georgette, used for the blouse and dress shown on the last post. I still have to finish some details on the georgette dress; I’d be posting that with other pieces.

Design detail;

facing cut from printed fabric.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I’m back on the game, this time I’m doing things different. Looking at my stash, and making some patterns I stared working on a small collection that I will list on my ETSY store. Paco commented later last week, ETSY is a great site for selling hand made creations.

I had known about ETSY for quite some time, a good friend from my F.I.T. days [she has a jewelry store on the site] had introduce me to it, but never had the time to list my designs. Busy doing custom made, I never had finish a collection to list on the site.

The last experience was a reminder to follow with plans I had on the back burner for a while. ETSY was one of those plans.
I have some pieces that were stared but the whole group never got completed. As you could imagine, after the inspiration is gone, you never get it back, so I’m working on implementing new ideas with what I already had made.

Also, through friends here in Miami, I got some contacts from one local TV channel, I need to create some [very] “Miami” designs to send to them. Will this work out? I don’t know, we will see, [but it surely brings some new energy and challenges]. In order for something of this nature to work out you have to really “pimp” yourself, which it is not easy when you are doing everything.

Keeping that in mind, I’m getting seamstress’s contacts numbers from a local industrial sewing machine dealer. As Mary Beth had mention, I need to get some good seamstresses, this way I will have time to “sale myself”.
So with new energy, and cleared mind, I went to my ETSY shop, duster it up, took out the “spider webs” and posted some of my old Wedding dresses samples.
I still need to get acquaintance with the site, but boy, you really need to be careful when you do anything on the net. Do you believe, just few hours after posting the dresses, I got what Etsy calls a “convo” [CONVERSATION] I read the “convo” and read it again… hu hu! It look like a scam, like they say, if it looks like a scam, talk like… I’m can not said it was, but I try to “convo” and the account was closed, hum!! This person wanted to buy out of the site, she gave her email address and wanted me to send PERSAL INFO so she could send a check. She would have her SHIPPING COMP get the dress. It did not sound “legit’’ to me. So WARNING! Be ware of the scams they are every where.

Looking at the site I came across Leanne’s store, I had seeing the store many times but never notice it was her's. It is nice seeing one of PROJECT RUNWAY'S winner on the site.

I would like to acknowledge the comments made. The worlds and sentiment posted were of great help to me and I hope to others who might read that post some time in the future.

With gratitude, thanks;

Gorgeous Things
Mary Beth
The Sewing Loft

Monday, June 8, 2009


Did I say “Life is just like a box of chocolate…” After posting I realized I was awarded the “lovely Blog Award” by Josie….Wow, thank you! It really made me smile, thank you Jose, I’m glad you enjoy my blog.

1) Accept the award; post it on your blog together with the name of the person who had granted the award, and his or her blog link.
2) Pass the award on to 5 blogs that you’ve newly discovered. Remember to contact the bloggers to let then know thy have been chosen for this award.

Here are my Five: [some are not newly discovered]


“Life is just like a box of chocolate…” I should change the name of this post to “La Novela”…really, I need to laugh about it, and I’m past the point of being mad so there is nothing left but to laugh.

After trying to please the client and making all the changes, I realized that it was an impossible task [yes, there were more changes she wanted]. I had to end the processes, it was taking too long and as it was, I was loosing all around.

In conclusion, I made the decision of not charging, even suggested returning the deposit. I know, that is not the “norm”, but in this case, I just need it the matter resolved and move on.

She was gracious not to accept the deposit, and offer to “pay something” for my time… That was not acceptable to me, I rather her having it as a “gift”. I was not about to undercharge for my service.

So here I am, taking it all in and trying to see what road to take next. I had being re-thinking the “made to order” business for a while now. Clients either don’t know or just don’t care what it takes to have something made; the time, care and patience need it. Some one that makes clothing, either for themselves or others knows all the work that it takes. Some start sewing their own clothes to have better made items or a better fit. At times, you could “knockoff” an expensive out-fit for much less, but if you factor the time you had put into it, how much would it be? What would you charge?

I could make a suit for myself and would pay only for the materials used, but what about the time it had taken me to make it?

These are things that most clients don’t understand. Ready to wear clothing, even the most expensive, would be done faster and more cost effective. Think about all the special sewing machines that would do just some specific task, button holes, seam bidding, overlocks just for knits that would clean finish and sew at the same time, hemming… the list would go on and on.

All this, had to be done by hand when you do “Made to order” or just some thing for you.

To be honest, I this time I’m not sure what road to take. Yes I know I had had some great experiences in the past with most clients, but this are few and far in between.

Maybe I have some samples all ready made so clients could choose the one they like, they could see it, touch it maybe try on…

Maybe, I’d open a cyber store…

Maybe, maybe…
Some thing would come up.

I know I have said a lot, PLEASE!!, what do you think?

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Here is a pic of the over blouse finished. On my last post, the blouse was almost done, and was waiting for “Mrs. K” to fit the pattern of the under blouse. The fitting went well, so I thought! After getting home, “Mrs. K” decided she was not happy, and wanted some changes.

The next day, she came with two other ladies. The under blouse was discarded, shoulder pads taken out and lapels carried all the way to the hem of the blouse.

I’d tell you, at times, I just want to throw the tower… but that’s just a “moment”


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