Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Just a quick post, it might be a while when I can work on this project. I just got a rush order for a dress, this will take me away from this project for a while.

I had done the inderlining . It is made out of netting and horsehair at the hem with some more up the skirt. The dress taking the shape I had in mind.

The dress will be made with of the following layers:

1. Fashion fabric: Beaded Silk Organza
2. Unterlining: Illusion Tulle [this is to soften the look of all the netting supporting the dress]
3. Inderlining: Netting, with horsehair
4. Lining: Lining fabric; skirt, with netting ruffles, bodice, two layers both cut on lining and interfacing. I use a light interfacing for the layer that would be facing the body, a heavier one for the outer layer.
5. Boning: will be on sewn on the inner facing of the bodice.

Here is a pic of the inderlining with the lining, I have not sew the upper part just yet, this would be sew with the other two layers [organza and tulle].

Pic shows the pattern with beading design draw on it.


Tany said...

I'm sorry you had to put this project aside for now... hopefully you'll get back to it soon.

BCN - UNIQUE designer patterns said...

Que maravilla Cruz. Ya solamente las enaguas son un bonito "vestido". saludos, Paco

Anonymous said...

My friend Els at The Sewing Divas and then Paco Peralta pointed out your blog: Hello! I'm so very glad to see your beautiful work.

Mary Beth

Cindy said...

So sorry you had to postpone work on your project, but an order is an order, right? I"m looking forward to the completion of this wonderful dress!


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