Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Finally, after going back and forth with different designs, I came up with one that I like. Originally I was planning on making the dress on silk Duchesse satin. I was not pleased with the designs that I would come up with, and the Beading [the beading being the inspiration].
The sketch shows what FINALLY came up with. The dress would be made on Silk organza.
The organza will have an allover beading getting smaller as it goes down on the dress.

The pattern for the dress would be base on Vogue pattern # 2717 . The pattern was changed. The Vogue dress is less full at the hem; I want my dress to be bigger. I had to make some alterations on the pattern as well; I found the center front piece to be too big, with out shape. I use the foundation pattern and cut the lining skirt out of the lining patterns [these are the same as the Vogue dress pattern, but shorter]

Here is a pic of the bodice foundation on the mannequin with the lining skirt pin to it. You could see even on the skirt how much more fabric there is on the front piece.

I still have to sew the boning on the foundation and the netting to the lining skirt. I had hemmed the skirt… note that I had hem it with ½” horsehair.

I like doing the hem this way to keep the skirt away from the body, the legs in particular.

You’d see more of this as I go along.

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Dei said...

Wow! Fascinating. I never knew to sew hair canvas into the hem of a silk fabric. Makes sense. This will be so gorgeous when you're done.


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