Friday, January 9, 2009


I hope every one had great Holiday season. I wish I had gone to NY this year and spend some time with my Family and Friends, but in the other hand I’m glad I was in Miami where it was warmer…
Thank you all for the comments on the Valentino Dress. I much appreciated.

Going forward, I had some things that I would like do work on, so here it is my year plan [lets see how much I get to do].

Since I had some time to kill, I thought on making some dresses using some design details I found on the net.

1. I saw this very nice weave make out of bias tubes [yes I’m still fascinated by them]
I love this detail as soon as I saw it, it is simple, just a lot of hand work, and you could see I like hand workmanship.
I want to make it into a wedding dress, having had so much silk duchess satin, I don’t see why not. I do need to make some new samples, why not doing something that I like.

2. There is another dress that I would like to work on, I would like to make in Black silk georgette and chiffon… I wanted for this dress to have an evening coat, but I realized I don’t have the black Duchess Satin that I was planning on. Then it took second place.

Also, it is about time I also make something for me. Have not made me a thing in years, it so easy not to, specially leaving in a semi-tropical weather, just jeans and a T, once in a while a Jacket and you are done. But I need to make me some things.

I started with these two Burda Patterns. I will post as I progress with them:

The shirt; this I will be making about 5 on different fabrics I had already put aside to make . I do love this cut.

The suit is nice also, it comes with a long jacket [Which I prefer, but I’m making the shorter first, the fabric would be best on a shorter jacket]
And thinking about Fun, I have to star working on my Halloween custom, as any one in the USA knows, Halloween is not just for kids anymore. There are the Parades, fests parties all over. I do get into the Halo’s eves spirit once in a while, and this year or better yet last year I wanted to dress as the ‘”Let them eat cake” Queen; Marie Antoinette.
Last year I did not had the time do make it, I was really busy and I thought the summer was going to be slow, but it was not!
So I better get star it with this, I want to make it as authentic as I can make it, and it is not an easy costume to make, lots of pieces to make, thank God I have most of the fabrics.
Lets see how much I get to do.... is all good.


Christina said...

That will be quite a Halloween costume! The best at any party.

And you should definitely make something for yourself, you deserve it.

Anonymous said...

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BCN - UNIQUE designer patterns said...

Cruz.- saludos de nuevo. ahhh... que grandes proyectos tienes en mente. Todo se ve fantástico, de veras. Te deseo muchos exitos para todos éllos y ya quedo ansioso de observar sus procesos. Un abrazo y hasta pronto,


Cindy said...

Cruz. Love your site. I've nominated you for an award.

Birgitte said...

How exquisite! All your work is breathtaking. Thanks to Cindy, I just found your blog and I'm forever grateful.

Christina said...

I love your blog so I (also!) nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger Award. How are your projects for yourself coming along?


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