Sunday, May 31, 2009


I wanted to post some pics of this project before it was finish. The outfit is; pants, over and under blouses [ The under-blouse was an addition after the second fitting, and it is not cut out just yet.]

The entire outfit was centralized on the Lace. Complementing the lace with the other fabrics was a "most", making it quite a challenge [finding the right hue of beige was not an easy task, the lace gives a grayish hue, and the color is a Khaki beige].

Both blouses are made out of Silk Iridescent Chiffon and Silk Charmuse. The charmuse was used to underline the iridescent chiffon; it was also used for the Collar, Cuffs and Lapels.

Silk Iridescent Chiffon,

Iridescent Chiffon and Charmuse

Lace Over Charmuse

The Collar, Lapels and Cuffs are made in the Silk Charmuse [You could see some of the basting still at the collar, I use silk thread and beading kneedle for basting Silks]

The seams at hem and facing were finished with a Hong Kong

On this pic you could see one of those details I like using on my made to order.
It is a “bib” or “flap” that it’s sewn on the harm hole right under the arm. It protects the garment from sweat or marks left by antiperspirants. I also use it on the crotch of pants to prevent wear and tearing of the fabric when the inner thighs meet.

Pants Hem with lace border free from underlining.

Pants underlining hem

Grosgrain at waistline

Inside pants, showing the silk chiffon lining


Joyce in NC said...

I love the garments. Do you have a photo of the flap you used in the crotch of the pants. I'm curious as to how you applied it.

As always, your garments are fabulous!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful made silk lace outfit. In silk blouses, dresses or tops I attach dress shields too.


Meg said...

Very, very lovely.

Anonymous said...

Holy Cow - that lace is killer great - love your techniques, but that lace fabric is fantastic - you're right color can be a nightmare in that shade but with these photos looks like you got it dead on!

Summerset said...

Very elegant - such lovely fabrics and such patience to work with them. The dress shields are a nice extra touch as the silk can be damaged so easily.

Bunny said...

Exquisite fabrics!

Ann Made Studio said...

Gorgeous fabrics.. A very elegant outfit!

Tany said...

Beautiful details and perfect execution. I also add dress shields on silk blouses (because perspiration could ruin the fabric). I have never thought of using the same shield on the crotch seam but it makes perfect sense!


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