Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I had stop, or better yet slowed down working on the Beaded wedding dress to make a dress for a new client. The Lady had being calling for a while and could not make up her mind. Finally she called to make an appointment.
The dress needed to be done in two weeks [do day March 16] she is going to a wedding.

The fabrics are; lace and silk gazar from Rex Fabrics . Thank God, the lace is not beaded.

After taking the measurements and doing the first fitting on muslin, I realized that I would have to make each side separate. The left side of her body is sunk in
[That’s the best way I could describe it].

After cutting each piece individually, cutting the left side higher at the hip seam and making the bodice of the dress, I had to interline, fill in the bust on the left side with Batting.

The dress haves a seam just above the hips, this seam is cut on an angle not on a straight line to compensate for the unbalance on her body. The left side is 1” shorter.

Looking at the dress on a hanger or flat on a table, you could notice the differents, but when she has it on, it looks just fine.

The dress basted waitting for a fitting [note: the dress is big for the mannequin]

I kept my self busy while waiting for fittings, [or just need some time to relax] working on the beading for the wedding dress. Here is a pic of the front panel in process.

I want to finish this dress ASAP; another lady came yesterday and, again, wants a dress in a rush. This dress is not a ball gown, just a cocktail strapless dress, and she is a smaller size, not like the one I’m working on. It should not be too much work [the fittings and clients wanting to change things is what take the most time].

As you could see the beading on the wedding dress would have to wait a while.


Anonymous said...

Oh my, Rex Fabrics, huh? Good thing I don't get to Miami very often!

Lovely to see how you are fitting exactly to your client's body. We don't get to see that very often. Thanks! Lucky client, too, the dress is great.

Susan said...

Fitting is such an interesting process. I'm fascinated by people who can correctly fit people, for a perfect fit.

Cindy said...

Love your tips on fitting. Lovely work on that black dress. Can't wait to see more of that beautiful wedding dress.

Tany said...

Achieving the perfect fit for an uneven body is quite a challenge and you are certainly up to that challenge!


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