Wednesday, February 11, 2009


After few weeks of resting, I stared working on a beaded sample that I might use for a wedding dress.
I knew I wanted to use all white and clear bead, sequins and purls. The idea was a white on white embroidery.

After some research [on the net and some of my embroidery design collection] I came up with this sketch.

I trace the sketch to silk organza, got my frame out and went to work.

While making the sampler I realized I did not like the design. It was not giving me the “feeling” I was looking for… back to the drawing table I went. When I was happy with the drawing, I took it over to the frame and with a dressmaker pencil I traced it over the old design.

Here is a pic of the work in progress on the frame.

The little petals that are free standing on the side are going to be cut-out and appliqué over some of the flowers.
This pic shows the embroidery almost done, I like the way it is coming out.

So far I have used;
Sequins- white and iridescent white size 2mm
Bugle beads-white and iridescent white size 2
Seed beads- white
Rhinestones- Square sew on Crystal Swarovski


Meg said...

what gorgeous work, simply stunning

Ambitious Sewer said...

Wow...the beading is absolutely gorgeous...I am just amazed.

C. Dishmont said...

Wow!! Loves it!

You even have the fancy couture beading table. Sweet!

Tany said...

Fabulous job! Thanks for sharing the process!


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