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I had promised Paco , I would give some info about the stores in Miami. He had asked me after the “Valentino” dress was done about the fabric.
It did take me a while to get info about where get “goods” and “findings”. Coming from NYC, where EVERYTHING is in the Garment Center, I was looking for an area like it here in South Florida. Miami has a “Garment Center”, but it is were you would go to buy wholesale clothing and shoes, it is not a place where you would find things that you would need if you are making close yourself or have a business. I did find a place there were some items can be bought; Pattern paper, threats, sewing machine foot (industrial machines). But that was it.

200 N.E. 30TH ST.
MIAMI, FL. 33137
305 573-3033
The first store I came to know was ISA COUTURE’S . Isa migrated from Cuba in the early 60’s. The story is that she stared selling remnants from her car, going home to home. I see thing went very well for her, she has half a block with two buildings. The biggest is where you’d find Silks, Laces and woolens.

Silk prints and solids are on the first floor by the entrance, you’d also see some beaded fabrics that are display through out the store, also some notions.

On the second floor you could find the Beaded fabrics and lace collection, this is the evening fabric area. At the other side of the second floor you’d fine all kinds of wools, including a large Boucle collection, Brocades etc. Still yet another large room with Men’s suiting fabrics.

Isa’s Couture , being the first luxury fabric store that I found in Miami, is that one that I had make use the most here is a list of the fabrics:

Cavalli Silk Charmeuse Printed Panel
This dress was made for party that was held in Israel. I use 5 panels to make this dress. I wanted the print to run through out the dress. It took me a bit of time to plan the cutting of the bodice; I wanted the dark part and less busy part of the print to be at the waist, given the illusion of a smaller waist line. Notice how the pearls run down from her upper part of the bodice, down the midriff into the skirt. It looks easy, but this is not an even print.

I don’t have her ok to post the clients face, thats why I cut it off the pic.

This is an Ungaro Silk Print Georgette. This dress went to Russia, and she was very happy with it, she told me every one asked about it ... She was happy to give me the ok to post her pic,but asked to make sure she looked good...

Another Cavalli, this is a "Just Cavalli" fabric. It is Silk Printed Georgette.

Here is one of my "Sexy" designs. The client order this dress for her son's first birthday party.
I found out there is a Russian tradition where the first birthday party is a grant event. And it was, I was there, I Had a blast, danced, eat … no much drinking, I was driving.

823 S.W. 37TH AVE.
MIAMI, FL. 33135
305 448-0028
My other favorite store is Rex Fabrics
Rex Fabrics
Rex has the latest Haute Couture fabrics from Paris. If you are looking to make an Haute Couture gown form Valentino, Elie Saab, or Armani Prive... you need to come to Rex.

I could not take pics, Ricky the owner, is not in town [maybe he is in Paris getting the latest fabrics] and I need is ok to do so. Neve the less here are some pic from some of the things I had work on. Not good pic I took then before I had the blog. I try to take pics of my work, in case there is a problem later on, I have as reference.
Versace pink double silk charmeuse, beaded lace
Valentino Haute Courte fall 2007

This is a pic of the Valentino Green beaded fabric as I was working on the dress.

The dress finished.

MIAMI, FL. 33132
305 3713840
I like doing my shopping early, that way I get it out of the way and don’t have to deal with all the commotion that happens at some stores. With that bit of info out of the way... I’d tell you about P&S notions, or as it is call here “La casa de las viejas” (the old Ladies home). This is a store that I make sure I’m early on it. Fist you have the parking problem, this store is in down town Miami were parking is a nightmare [ I was there today early this morning to get pics, but no luck finding parking, I didn’t think I would have a problem thinking I was there early]
The other reason for me to make sure I’m early at the store, it gets busy.

This is a great store to get Buttons, beads, pearls rhinestones, and now they carry some fabrics as well

Next time you come to Miami, give yourself some time to go to some of these stores.


Cindy said...

This is such a timely post. Several ladies on Patternreview are heading down to Miami soon and were asking for recommendations. I'll direct them to your post. I'm going to try to get down there sometime this year. I miss my friends. I appreciate your comment on my blog. Thank you.

Christina said...

Look at all those lucky ladies with their dresses made of Isa Couture fabrics!

BCN - UNIQUE designer patterns said...

Cruz.- gracias por toda esta información. Verdaderamente, se ven bien surtidas estas tiendas y muy aptas para tu estilo de ropa. Aquí en Barcelona, no hay demasiado surtido de telas "firmadas", aunque ultimamente se puede encontrar alguna de Cavalli, Armani, etc. Sobre todo de factura italiana. Me alegro de la satisfacción de tus clientas, aunque no es de extrañar dada la calidad de tus vestidos. Además, no temo equivocarme al pensar que también quedan encantadas de tu trato y tu atención.

Un abrazo, Paco

Unknown said...

Hi there! I need HELP! I have a swimwear line, www.lemoncrushbelize.com and i'm coming to Miami from Belize, for just a few short, precious days. I'm DESPERATE to find FANTASTIC swimwear fabric, i want nice stuff. Any ideas? Thanks so much for the great post, and i've already called them, but i dont think they are sure what i'm asking as my spanish is POOR (ugh, belize is english speaking, so not much practice! :))

any help would be SOOOO appreciated!


Anonymous said...

My grandmother is Isa of Isa Couture, and I read your blog. Thank you for all of your feedback and the details you provided on our store. We appreciate your thoughts and hope to see you often! By the way, yes, my grandmother came to the US not knowing a word of English and built her business from the ground up. She continues her work because of the love and passion she has for the store and her customers' satisfaction. She is truly admirable! Thanks again for the recognition!

Ms. Hair Toss said...

Where can I find a store that sells pattern paper?


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