Monday, December 22, 2008

Making a Valentino "Final Details"

After the break, I decided to do the ruffle at the waist. Luckily I had some fabric left [remember I ‘m using some pieces from my stash] to cut some bias band to make it.
I cut some wide enough to make it double to have the ruffle have a soft feel to it. Using the ruffle foot, I gather some of it to the waist size, and then I sewed it to the bottom seam of the bodice, before joining the skirt.

Now, with both bodice and skirt joined, it was time to sew the zipper. Using a traditional zipper in beige [flesh tone] I sewed it using the prickstitch, changing the color of the thread as I was sewing the different fabrics; i.e. green for the charmeuse, beige for the organza.

In addition to the prickstitch, I slip stitch under each bias tube making sure not to catch then with the thread.

I totally forgot about the little bow I made, I think it would give a final touch to the zipper.


Christina said...

All of these details are just incredible. Especially changing the thread color when inserting the zipper - wow!

Dei said...

How beautiful and how patient your are.


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