Sunday, December 14, 2008

Making a Valentino "Test"

With the design lines changed on muslin and transferred to the pattern … is time to “test” it. I used a left over silk charmeuse for this.

Sewing the pattern with a similar fabric, helps testing the fit as well as any construction techniques.

Taking a closer look at the pic, it is apparent that the body of the sleeves was made on silk organza, [look at the closer pic of the dress], the bust dart was change to make 3 smaller darts

I cut and sew the sleeves body, use bias strips to clean finish both the top and bottom of sleeves. The other bias strips were basted in place.

The bodice was cut in green charmeuse, sleeves and bodice were pin, put on the mannequin to see and make any corrections if need it.

The white organza is not the right one for this. I need something in a flesh tone. I dipped a piece in tea to see if that would work [an old trick use to dye lace and silks]. The tea was too light; I dipped another piece in coffee. I was please with the color, so I went ahead and dye the fabric.

Here is a pic of the bodice on the mannequin. The sleeves and lining are sewn. I baste the lining a fashion fabric together.

Now it is ready to be sewn to the lower part of the bodice


Sigrid said...

This is going to be so special! Love to see all your progress. Great job.

Modavesaire said...

it's wonderfull.. ı wish ı could sew like you..maybe one the future..


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